Middle Earth Getting MHS College Ready

Middle Earth Getting MHS College Ready

Staff Writer

The 11th and 12th graders at Manville High School will stop at nothing to ensure a bright future for themselves! One way they accomplish this is by participating in the Middle Earth Youth College Readiness Program. This program does what its name says, it gets the students ready for college.

Both seniors and juniors have completed 178 hours of community service both on their own and as part of YCRP. Additionally, they have attended 6 virtual college tours throughout the year, 3 parent workshops and 1 career breakfast event. The students have earned $442,150 in four year scholarships as well as have been accepted to over 27 different colleges! Go Juniors and Seniors! 

The Middle Earth Youth College Readiness Program Participants are listed below. 

12th Grade:

Alfaro, Yuliana
Brennan, Jason
Chey, Justin
Colucci, Sarah
Diarra, Fatima
Fabiyan, David
Garces-Soares, Cristal
Giraldo Baena, Maria
Gogshelidze, Elene
Heywood, Emma
Johkidze, Vazha
Kunderevych, Mykola
Louis, Gino
Rana, Helly
Saburova, Yekaterina
Sanchez, Angelina
Shimp, Megan
Taylor, Emily
Toth, Camryn

11th Grade: 

Alcantara, Melanie
Balicki, Zachary
Baltazar-Ecamilla, Esmeralda
Danysh, Michael
Diarra, Mouctar
Dzuba, Victoria
Gonzalez, Jason
Gosk, Chloe
Imerlishvili, Nicholas
Kontos, Anna
Michael, Theodore
Perun, Grace
Peterson, David
Peterson, Todd
Pizzoli, Zachary
Sanders, Kathryn
Thomson, George
Votteler, Franchessca
Weber, Colin
Wesolowski, Siobhan