Virtual Teen Arts in Manville


Michelle Cordero

Every year, Manville High School students get the opportunity to participate in Teen Art; a festival in which students can submit their artwork and share it with experts in order to get feedback. From creative writing to paintings, here is what experts had to say about these amazing pieces!
Creative Writing:
“On the Dock at Sunset” by Emily Cano: An expert shared, “Even when you give up all hope there is always that tiny bit of yourself that keeps you moving forward and never forget it because without it there is no hope. — This sounds like the purpose of a creative life to me, part of the reason I write”. Needless to say it was an amazing and very enjoyable short story!
“If I Leave Too Soon, I Want you to Know” by Xiomara Castro: An expert also shared, “I’m so glad you shared this poem. I really enjoyed reading it and found it extremely moving. This piece has a strong, unique voice, and that, combined with your first line draws the reader in” Thank you Xiomara for sharing this outstanding poem!
“My New Philosophy” Marissa Hash: An expert shared, “Marissa your performance of ‘My New Philosophy was so cute! I really loved it. Your smiling face adds such a brightness to the song” Thank you Marissa for a lovely performance.
Artwork by Andrew Rojas: An expert shared, “First of all, I am overwhelmed in a really great way with how many different things you have going on here! It is just exploding with different techniques, and as an artist it is really enjoyable to look at. Fantastic job!
Artwork by Bianca Morales: An expert shared, “It just has wonderful texture to it that I can feel. The composition itself it’s filled with mushrooms. They all have a shadow, a range and then a highlight which gives them this three dimensional form.” Wonderful job!
Artwork by Grace Lallkissoon: An expert shared, “I feel like it is very live-like, you have a really strong handle in your drawing skills, so there is a lot of care in the detail that brings it to life” Excellent job!
Artwork by Helly Rana: An expert shared, “There is a lot of energy going on, a lot of forcefulness. It has real energy to it, and the background ecos the shape of the rest of the painting” Terrific job!
Artwork by Kenneth Ashford: An expert shared, “They’re both dealing with some really strong perspective and I like how it it happens to be a little upside down. So you have this contract with these shapes and the landscape is softer” Amazing job!
Artwork by Melanie Ibarra: An expert shared, “I really like how those edges become part of the fish. I feel like in between each steep there is enough change to keep me interested. The expression becomes more and more solid as we progress” Great job!
Artwork by Melanie Quesada: An expert shared, “Having the flowers up on top has a sense of playfulness and the color is really vibrant. The expression on the face has a more peaceful feel to it” Nice work!
Artwork by Michelle Miga: An expert shared, “I really like how the handle really comes out; I can just feel myself holding the mug. The shape of the mug itself is also really nice. I also really like the pattern of the mug” Keep up the good work!
Artwork by Solomiya Mykhaylyshyn: An expert shared, “It’s all these different parts, made for a bigger role. You did a really nice job, they also seem very consistent and very neat. It is not messy at all” Way to go! 
Thank you for sharing such amazing art with the world, especially in times like these