One of Our Great Substitute Teachers: Mrs. LaBracio

Alexis Garcia

“I enjoy sharing and working with all my students daily,” Mrs. LaBracio says, a substitute teacher here in the Manville School District. It is safe to say that for the past 8 years that she has been working with our district, she has been a positive influence on everyone. Mrs. LaBracio first started teaching in many other public schools in Watchung, Cranford, and Warren. She also expresses how she’s had many memorable experiences teaching here that she didn’t get to experience in other places. “I enjoy coming to the musicals and plays, and seeing the real talent here with all the students at Manville.” The plays starred by fellow ABIS or MHS students that happen yearly are always done with passion and teamwork, which anyone could agree with. 

What Mrs. LaBracio likes most about substitute teaching is the positive atmosphere created within the school district. One can tell she loves communicating and getting to know her students and other teachers. Any student here at the high school, if asked, will say how delightful and kind-hearted Mrs. LaBracio is when being subbed for one of their classes. I asked her where she sees herself 5 years from now, and she says, “I see myself here, substitute teaching in Manville School District. I enjoy being here everyday with the students and teachers in Somerset County, New Jersey.” 

When being a substitute teacher for the high school, middle school, or elementary school environment, one not only needs to be good with kids, but they need to create productive and encouraging learning surroundings. These kids are the next generation, and Mrs. LaBracio has full-understanding of what is expected and what her priorities are as an authority figure here in the Manville School District.