Summer Jobs for Manville Teens 


Georgiana Pulley

Manville is a very small town with an even more miniscule number of teenagers. Despite the size, there are still quite a few places teenagers can work. Frank’s Pizza for one, is hiring. They are looking for teenagers that can answer phones, take orders, and wait/bus tables. For potential employees who own a car, it’ll definitely come in handy as they need more delivery drivers. If you are really interested in working in another pizzeria then you can even apply to Adam’s Pizza. They are looking for a delivery driver and a waitress/waiter.  If you aren’t big on working in a pizzeria, then our very own Manville High School is the way to go. They have a custodial helper position available, which mainly consists of helping the Building and Grounds Department cleanup and do upgrades to the school. They pay $12.00 an hour. You can get an application in the main office or you can look it up online (Manville School District Employment). These are just a few good jobs around Manville for teenagers. If none of them appeal to you, there are certainly jobs in surrounding towns. If you do however, want one of these jobs, either call or go into the place and ask for an application!