MHS Student Feelings About the Combination of All the Cohort Groups  


on April 26th 2021, all the cohort groups combined together, and ever since then, students have been expressing their mixed feelings about it. There has definitely been a lot more positive feedback than negative but we can’t ignore the outliers.

On one hand, many students are pleased with the new set-up, with many saying that their favorite part is the ability to see the people who they’ve been kept away from for almost a year, especially the seniors, who would otherwise never see these people again. Seeing friends is an important part of an adolescent’s day because socialization helps improve their emotional state, wellbeing, and mental health, keeping them healthy and sane. Others say that they like it because it feels normal and like we’re back to life before COVID-19. When it comes to any complaints about all the cohorts being back, the majority of students have said that they did not have any. There are some, however, who claim that they did not like how crowded and loud the hallways are and weren’t too keen on having to get up earlier everyday and leave their houses.

Regarding learning in person, almost everyone has said they feel much more productive and motivated when they are physically in school. With that being said, a very small number of people have said that it is actually much harder for them to learn because of the loudness from the extra people in the building. 

Additionally, lots of students claim that being in person helps them focus more because they feel more comfortable. The oppose state that they enjoyed hybrid learning more because they were basically able to get every other week off, whereas now, they have to come into school every day. 

In the end, combining both cohorts together seems to have been a good idea that benefited the staff, the administration and majority of the students attending MHS who are very pleased with the decision.