Ms. Lev Influencing MHS by Being an Amazing Role Model


Being a teacher is not easy; it is one of the hardest jobs because teachers don’t only have to work during their working hours, but also after school. Sometimes teachers stay up all night grading and preparing lessons. That is why in this article we wanted to highlight one of the most amazing teachers at the MHS, Ms. Levonaitis. Ms. Levonaitis has been working at the MHS for three years now. She teaches all of the 10th grade English classes, English 10 Honors, Journalism, Journalism 2, and Creative Writing. She also runs the online newspaper, Hoofprints, and is the head cheerleading coach. Before teaching at the MHS, she had a long term substitute teacher job at the Montgomery Upper Middle School. Even though she said that the hardest part of virtual learning was keeping the students motivated, she is always able to keep the students entertained and wanting to learn. Ms. Lev never knew she wanted to be an English teacher, but she always loved to read and write. To add on, she was never a straight A student and had to work really hard for her grades, which helps her relate and show students that there is more than one way to learn and succeed. 

Ms. Lev is one of the most understanding teachers at the school because she always tries to help students when they need help with something or if they need extra time to complete an assignment. Additionally, her class is not a place for judgement because she always makes sure her students are okay and how they are feeling. Furthermore, her class is not just boring work that is due a certain day, it is so much more. She works extremely hard to make sure that the work that she assigns is actually fun and entertaining while also being meaningful towards to content and real life. Ms. Lev is also extremely good at giving advice to her students. Finally, she is not only a good teacher, she is also a good role model for her students by making them the best version of themselves. She influences our school tremendously by helping the students and being an amazing teacher.