The Inside Scoop About Ms. Kurtin


Franciney Arevalo

We all know Ms. Kurtin, one of our three school counselors. Ms. Kurtin takes care of a third of the students at Manville High. She has been a counselor at Manville for ten years now. She went to William Paterson University for her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling and while she was there, she realized her heart was really in the School Counseling setting. One of her dreams is to become a Supervisor of a Counseling department so that she can help empower other counselors and their work with students.

Outside of her career, there is a lot to learn about Ms. Kurtin. She is 34 years old and lives in Morris Plains, although she grew up in Jefferson Township. Ms. Kurtin has no kids, and is sincerely living her best life. When asked what the one piece of advice she would give to someone, she responded, “I think it is important to stand by who you are as a person. At times it can feel easier to fit in and blend but if everyone was the same, the world would be an extremely boring place. Be yourself and try not to let society or outside influences shape and mold who you are too much. Everyone is unique and you need to own that and share that with the world. Love is love and differences should be celebrated. You do you!”

As always, Ms. Kurtin’s office is located near the main office, slightly to the right of the auditorium. If need be, never hesitate to knock on her door, she is always happy to help.