Pandemic Prom For MHS

Pandemic Prom For MHS

Allison Marin

High school prom has been a part of American tradition for decades and has always been a crucial part of the high school experience. It’s something that juniors and seniors around the world look forward to, so understandably it was super heartbreaking when it had to be cancelled due to COVID. Thousands of seniors were unable to experience their senior activities, which included a variety of things alongside prom.

Under the circumstances, our juniors and seniors this year had no clue if prom was even on the table so it was a shock when the details of our upcoming event were released and we were able to buy tickets. Given the fact that COVID hasn’t disappeared into thin air, there are still guidelines that students will need to follow in order for this prom to take place, which most students are excited to be given the opportunity at all. 

When details about Manville High School prom were released, the word quickly spread around our tiny school; every student and teacher had something to say about it. Due to COVID, some guidelines were set in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Students were more upset about the fact that dancing is not allowed or very limited. Others believe that we are very lucky to even have the opportunity to have anything at all, considering the class of 2021 are living through a pandemic.

All in all, if you’re still debating on going, just keep in mind that prom is a once in a lifetime experience and our teachers as well as class presidents worked really hard to put this together despite the circumstances.