The Mustangs Move to The Skyland Conference Championships


Jon Cox

On May 20, the Mustangs took their talents to Warren Hills Highschool, where the Skyland Conference Meet took place. The Mustangs are a small team when it comes to meets like this, but this time they took care of business.

A stellar performance by Jonathan Cox as he placed 1st in the Mustangs Conference, but shocked people when he took 4th overall in triple jump and 2nd overall in long jump. The Mustangs were thrilled by everyone’s performance that took place in the meet. Lots of people made new personal records as well. The first event that the Mustangs took place in was the 400 meter hurdles, Michelle Miga made great time at 77.64, a new personal record; Jayla Wojtach ran that event in 83.13, also a new personal record.

The second event that the Mustangs ran in was the 100 meter trial. For the boys, Jonathan Cox ran a 12.23, a new personal record, and Volker Tay ran a 12.53 in this event. For the girls 100 meter race, Siobhan Wesolowski ran a 13.63, and Emily Chey ran a 15.22.

The next event for the Mustangs were the 100 meter hurdles. For the guys, Jason Brennan ran an 18.22. For the girls Destiny Garcia ran a 18.78, a new personal record, and Kat Saburova did the same, running a 21.12.

The next event for the Mustangs was the unseeded 1600 meter race. For the boys Gorge Thomas ran a 5:07.89, a new personal record, Dylan Morris ran a 5:22.06, and Todd Peterson ran a 5:26.45, a new personal record for him. For the girls Natalia Musielak ran a 6:44.07, and Stacy Morales ran a 7:03.25.

The following events were the most exciting races of the whole meet, because these are usually longer but more fast paced, including the 200 and 400 meter races. The 400 race was the first event out of the three to take place. For the boys Juan Mercades ran a 56.68, a new personal record, David Peterson ran a 60.26, and Anothony Yakobchuck ran a 60.80. For the girls Siobhan Wesolowski ran a 64.89, a new personal record for her.

The next event was the 200 meter race, the second fastest event of the meet. For the boys Jonathan Cox ran a 24.59, and Volker Tay ran a 25.85. For the girls Siobhan Wesolowski ran a 27.32, a new personal record, Destiny Garcia ran a 30.63, and Emily Chey ran 30.70.

The Mustangs put on a show, showing off their ability to compete with bigger schools. For the Seniors, this will definitely be a championship to remember.