The Truth About Manville High School’s Drama Club


Clare Reilly

Manville High Schools’ drama club performed their version of Disney Channel originals’ High School Musical on the weekend of April 29th. The performance was overall very captivating and the audience loved it, aside from a few small technical issues that weren’t avoidable. 

The small audience cheered loudly as the Drama club worked their butts off! They started off with a Wildcat cheer that captivated the audience. Then they led into a number which later on was praised for it’s great choreography, “The Start of Something New.” Majority of the attendees agreed that their favorite scenes were the Science Decathlon, The Basketball game and, Bop to the Top. The MHS Drama club didn’t have much of a stage crew this year, with Covid-19 still being very prevalent so they had to move their own sets but the performance was still very impressive given the circumstances.

Overall, the Manville High School Drama Club still continues to honor it’s reputation for their wonderful performances! We are all really impressed with what they could do considering the shortened amount of time to prepare. Let’s go Wildcats!