Mom’s are There for us, Let’s be There for Them!


Arlette Figueroa

Mother’s day, which is May 8th this year, is a special day for many. It is the day to celebrate one of the most important people in our lives: mothers and mother figures. The one day a year we truly show our appreciation for that person who has been there. There are many things we can do or buy. Here are some ideas!
A Mother’s Day Basket
A Mother’s day basket is a fun idea to make for our moms. You can add her favorite snacks and chocolate. Add some of her favorite drinks or things she might need. If she cooks, add kitchen tools. You can even make your own gifts like a drawing or poem dedicated just for her.
A very low budget idea for Mother’s day is to make a breakfast meal. There are many different things to make such as pancakes or eggs or even sandwiches. It would surely make that person feel special.
Making that person a DIY bouquet is a sweet idea. It’s sure to make them feel appreciated especially if they love flowers, even better if they love gardening. Add a pair of garden gloves and a rake and I’m sure they’ll love it. Don’t have a green thumb? You could even make flowers with paper!
Photo Album
Now with everything being digital, you don’t see many photos album of kids. Nowadays, it’s usually on your phone or social media. A photo album is a sweet jester to give that special person. They can keep it safe for the many years to come. Especially if something goes wrong with their phone.
Coffee Mug
A fun idea you can make is a coffee mug. You can create your own mug or buy one. Paint it and decorate it anyway you would like; add pictures or string or ribbon. It is a fun activity that doesn’t even take much time.
Overall, the mom’s in our life deserve some praise so be sure to show your appreciation this Sunday!