Manville’s Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe Re-opens!


Kayla Knape

As restrictions regarding the reopening of stores and other businesses lifts with the release of the COVID-19 vaccines, one of the best and longest-standing ice cream spots is open for business for the spring/summer season. LJ’s Boardwalk is located on Main Street in Manville and is a popular spot for all residents. For the first time since the new owners inhabited LJ’s, the store opened in early March. This is the earliest known time of it’s opening.

One of our own junior students at MHS, Kayla Knape, is working her second year at LJ’s. She enjoys the fun and easy-going atmosphere of working there, and the loads of free ice cream! Her coworker, Emily Bahlawan-who has been working at LJ’s for over three years-describes her work experience: “Sometimes (it’s) fast-paced and a little stressful, and sometimes (it’s) a go-with-the-flow, calming environment.” She was so excited when she heard the news of her job opening in early March, as she would get more time to spend with her coworkers, which is her favorite part of the job. 

Seeing as the outbreak of the pandemic has put many businesses at risk and has left many patrons skeptical, LJ’s employees follow strict protocol in order to keep themselves, and the customers, safe. These safety measures consist of wearing gloves, keeping a mask over the nose and mouth during shifts, and attending to every customer’s needs. There are signs posted all over the storefront to remind customers to wear their masks in order to maintain a safe and friendly environment. 

Now that the weather is beginning to change and get warmer, make sure to stop at LJ’s Boardwalk on Main Street in Manville. Whether it’s an after school excursion with friends, a family night out booking for dessert, or a date with your loved one, LJ’s Boardwalk is no doubt the best spot to calm your sweet tooth!