The Drama Club’s First Faculty Night


Clare Reilly

On Tuesday the 27th of April, Manville high school’s drama club had their first ever faculty performance. The drama club put blood, sweat, and tears into their show, High School Musical! Mr. McMahon, Ms. DiGena, Ms. Galofaro, and Mr. Moore have been asked some questions about their opinions on the performance.

Mr. McMahon compares this musical to previous years as being more current. The music and dances are connected to today’s society and the performances were tremendous. His favorite part is the mixture of the Science Decathlon, Bop to the Top, and the basketball game. The only thing that could use improvement is the technological, however, the drama club was aware and making these adjustments already, and a full audience of course. He claims the solos were amazing and there are future MHS stars in the making! We will definitely see Mr. McMahon in the upcoming shows.

Ms. DiGena said that this is the first musical she’s seen, and that she loved the entire performance! She says that Manville’s talent shows because they are very fair with giving parts, and that they have amazing choreography. Her favorite part was the Science Decathlon, and because of the amazing performance she plans to come and see future shows.

Ms. Galofaro has seen Manville High School’s performances for 20 years, and she claims that every year brings new elements of surprise, talent, and new students. She was thrilled at how good the play was given the challenges they faced from COVID-19. Her favorite part was seeing all the performers enjoying themselves on stage. She also really loved seeing the amazing singing and dancing, especially in the song Get Your Head in the Game. Ms. Galofaro says there’s no need for improvement. The talent was in the dancing, as well as engaging in the audience. Ms. G definitely plans on coming to future performances.

Mr. Moore loved the performance, but he hasn’t seen a production in a couple of years. His favorite part was when Sharpay said, “I’d rather suck the mucus out of a dog’s nostrils until its skull caves in!” The only thing that he says could be improved is that it was a little hard to understand the people wearing a mask. He loved Gabriella’s voice and hopes that there’s a faculty show every year!