Getting to Know Our Teachers: Mr. McCarrick


Allison Marin

Not a lot of students get to see what teachers are like outside of school, so it’s hard for us to think of them as actual people with separate lives outside of their students. That’s why when we get to know a teacher and learn more about them, we find it so interesting. I decided to do a small interview with Mr. McCarrick, who happens to be a lot of students’ favorite teacher.

Ironically, Mr. McCarrick’s hobbies outside of school are that of a dad, even though he doesn’t have children of his own he often refers to us, his students, as his children. Some of his favorite hobbies are fishing, gardening/maintaining his lawn, spending time outside, tinkering with gadgets, and in his free time, he referees lacrosse. My second question for him was what made him want to start teaching. His answer, surprisingly, came very easily to him. He said that helping people has always come naturally to him and it has always been something he enjoyed, and since his mother was also a teacher he got to experience it first hand. Next, I asked him to recall a most memorable teaching moment. He was able to quickly remember a former student of his that unfortunately had to drop out of school to help support his family. Mr. McCarrick said that this was a very disheartening moment for him. “Even when you’re trying your hardest, there are certain events that you can’t control.” Interviewing one of my favorite teachers about themselves and their lives was definitely a good experience and would 10/10 recommend if you’re looking to bond with your teacher.