How MHS Feels with the School Year Ending


Arlette Figueroa

The end of the year is nearing with only about 3 months left of school. There have been many changes this year due to COVID including online school, hybrid, Fridays being school days, and so much more. With things coming to an end, I was curious about what students had to say; let’s see how this school feels.

76.1 % of participants are excited for next year; they are most excited about the normality they used to have in school. Many want to see friends and teachers, start sports, and are anxious to see how a classroom setting would work in the days of the ¨new normal¨. Others look forward to doing better in school after having trouble with virtual classes. The seniors are excited for college and a fresh start. Many are excited that the COVID vaccines are out and it seems like it will be safer to go back to school. 15.2 % aren’t excited for school mostly because of the anxiety that may come with the big change from virtual.

 People found this year to be stressful and mentally draining. They also feel like this year has worsened their mental health. Some are stressed for AP exams they need to have done by the end of the year. The loss of asynchronous Fridays and everyone going back to school at once is a concern for many. Some felt tired after the same routine and the time they’ve spent alone, unable to go out and interact with people. One person said they felt, ¨unhappy with the fact that their high school years are being wasted¨. 

There is a vast amount of people happy for next year with 50% saying this. Although 28.3% of people are worried about it. Other responses consisted of 13% annoyed, 15.2% sad, 2.2% curious, 2.2% anxious and 2.2% unsure. Some are excited for the normality in the next school year. There is concern for anxiety that next year will bring. Some believe getting back into a familiar routine might help with their mental health and how they can do better in the year that is coming. 

After being virtual so long many are happy or excited about the end of the year and are ready to start fresh.