April: National Poetry Month


Michelle Cordero

For 25 years, April has been declared “National Poetry Month”. Promoting reading and writing, in which both encourage and develop critical thinking skills, this amazing national holiday was created. During the month of April, poets and people around the world are expected to express their creativity and expand their ability to read and comprehend abstract thoughts that are expressed by the art of poetry. Poetry month was created by the “Academy of American Poets” and several different poetry organizations. It was established in 1996 and it is considered the “largest literary celebration in the world”. They also encourage young poets to participate in the “Dear Poet 2021” project! Although the circumstances might not be ideal, this year, the Academy of American Poets encourage you to celebrate poetry month virtually. Some of the ways in which you can do so are:

Begin each day by writing a poem.
Create a list of poetry books you would like to read.
Introduce yourself to different poetic terms in day.
Share your thoughts through poetry at the end of the day.

Among many other activities you can do in order to adapt to Poetry Month virtually! Remember to advocate for bright young minds and let your work be shared with the world.