Fridays are Another Actual School Day!


Joseph Bennett

For most students, Fridays have been the first day of the weekend. That is no longer the case as we head back into school each Friday with red eyes and tired muscles. We must accept the fact that there is school on Fridays now. Fridays were the day to complete work early and enjoy the rest of the day but that is no longer the case. For some, this adjustment in schedule comes easy and feels ordinary; some grow annoyed that they’re missing out on the relaxation and opportunities to catch up on work they once had on Fridays.

Asynchronous days were when the teachers had meetings and the students had work to do, but they did not meet over zoom. Now, as we are going to have regular school on Fridays, Manville’s schools have changed their schedule. Manville is trying to return to normalcy, and making Fridays normal school days is a good start. It is starting to create a more normal atmosphere.