Easter in Manville

Elijah Lallkissoon

Easter is a big holiday for a lot of people; it’s a day where you can meet up with close family and even friends and celebrate with some traditional Easter fun. From morning fun of egg hunting with dyed and colored eggs and sometimes candy filled plastic ones, to delicious food that no one can pass up. But in a melting pot much like Manville, the foods can differ from house to house and so can the activities.

Easter Foods

While Easter might not be considered a big ‘food holiday’ like Thanksgiving or Christmas, a lot of food is brought to the table. Many people have traditional brunches, with all sorts of assortments, while others have fantastic dinner feasts.

A lot of common foods seen in Manville are Polish foods, including but not limited pierogis, babka bread, sauerkraut, chalka. Many meals include things like ham, lamb, mashed potatoes, rice and beans, deviled eggs, other foods which were Ukrainian, Costa Rican, and Portuguese. While these foods can be eaten year round, they are mainly present on the table during Easter Sunday.

Traditions Throughout Manville

On the morning of Easter, plenty of kids wake up to a basket filled with candy and even sometimes toys. From chocolate Easter eggs to fun puzzles and toys, these are never left out of Easter fun for many children of Manville. Many also celebrate with a traditional Easter Egg Hunt, with candy filled eggs or some even with money. It’s always fun to include every member of the family and dying eggs is always a fun way to do it, with plenty of cool and cute designs all ready for Easter Sunday.

This is how most people celebrate Easter in Manville, with friends and family and fun traditions.