MHS Baseball’s Egg Hunt


Georgiana Pulley

Over spring break, the baseball team of Manville High School did something to put smiles on everyone’s faces. On Easter morning, kids were able to wake up to their yard being filled with Easter eggs. The baseball team at Manville High School decided to do a “Egg Your House Fundraiser,” all the proceeds from this fundraiser would go to the Manville High School baseball program. For one dozen eggs to be put in your yard was $10. For 2 dozen eggs to be put in your yard was $15, and for three dozen eggs it was $20. The eggs were filled with a bunch of different candy. Kids woke up and were able to have an Easter egg hunt in their front yard. Not many kids get to do this so that was a great thing that the baseball team did. The baseball team put smiles on kids’ faces within the Manville community and also raised money for their program.