March Student of the Month: Mouctar Diarra


Michelle Cordero

Every month, Manville High School selects one student for their outstanding academic performance. Hats off to Mouctar Diarra for being named Student of the Month for the month of March!

Mouctar shared he was rather surprised by the news. When asked how much time he spends on his academics, he responded “A lot, about 60% of my energy”. He focuses his time mainly on his education, which seems to be one of the most important things to him. Mouctar is also a part of the Forensics team, who have achieved several things in the past few years. This seems to manifest into his accomplishments, and also shows just how dedicated he is. When asked about his future plans, Mouctar shared, “If we’re looking at the short term, I’m swamped with AP studying and SAT prep. If we’re talking long term, I want to go to Princeton University”. Mouctar’s strong-will and intent has led him to achieve great things so far. He has shown to be persistent and his constant need to be better has payed off; especially in times like this when online learning has affected so many people; it only goes to show that you can achieve anything as long as you put your energy and mind to it. Mouctar would also like to humorously add “I wish I got to use my more recent picture”. It is safe to say that Mouctar is off to a great future, and will continue to set an example and pave his own path towards leadership. Keep up the good work!