Tik Tok Takes Over


Allison Marin

Over the past three years, Tik Tok has completely blown up as a platform and taken over Gen Z as a whole. The platform has become a common ground for teenagers to share hacks, information, funny videos and even try new trends. No matter your interests, there’s a video out there for everyone. It’s a way for students not only at Manville High School but all around the world to share videos of themselves doing anything. From dancing, to singing, to artwork, or even sports, Tik Tok has become its own culture.

Amongst the many trends on the platform, one that has caught the attention of students at Manville High School are the dance trends. At the beginning of last year there was a new dance trend called The Renegade that took over the app. It seemed as if everybody and their mother were doing the dance. It was a new way to connect. There were students who had never even talked teaching each other the dance moves. Like many other social media platforms, students are able to connect and interact with students from other nearby towns and even across the world. Tik Tok is definitely a positive influence on teens all around the world, especially during the pandemic as it kept us connected during a time when we were separated. 


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