Manville Spirit During Wrestling Season


Joseph Bennett

When standing on the mat with your opponent in front of you, as you shake their hand and hear that bell ring, there is no other thought on your mind besides, “I am going to take him down!” Manville is a tiny town with an otherwise tremendous spirit and we take pride in our sports like no other school, as the Mustangs get ready to demolish their opponents. Our community always manages to find ways to support and help our athletes in any way they can. Wrestling is one of the many sports that is taken very seriously in this school and we all collectively enjoy watching the competitive and emotional aspects of the matches. There is nothing that beats watching a Mustang take down their opponent in a fair match of wrestling. Us wrestlers love to win and learn from our losses as well.

It’s safe to say this season is off to a good start, what with us having a three win and three loss score. On March 16th, we started the season with a loss 51-15 against Delaware Valley but that only made us that much more determined to win the next one. The next day, on March 17th, we went against Middlesex and won with a score of 45-21, then on March 23rd the Mustangs went up against Rutgers Prep and absolutely crushed them with a score of 69-4. The next two matches were defeats but we finished March off with a win against North Plainfield 63-6. On April 1st, we will be going up against Bernards and obviously plan on crushing them. Wrestling along with all of the other sports taking place are very important to our small town and we all as a collective team hope you enjoy watching our matches as much as we enjoy participating in them.