Are Gun Background Checks Really Necessary?


Zack Milich

Guns are one of the most common weapons used for killings or to instill fear into other people, but there are also people who possess guns simply for recreation such as the shooting range and hunting, or simply for self protection. This topic has plenty of different thoughts and opinions from people, but this is not about whether people should have possession over firearms. This is solely about whether or not gun background checks are necessary.

To put it simply, gun background checks are necessary. There is a reason gun background checks have been record breaking in the month of March. This could be because of the mass shootings from schools, to stores, to neighborhoods, as well as the recent shift in politics. Firearms are obviously very powerful and can be very dangerous which is why people should have their history checked to see if they are responsible enough and sane enough to possess a gun.

Even though this is a topic that has been up for debate for years, more recently, now than ever, gun background checks are necessary.