The Various Pros and Cons of Virtual Learning From MHS


Solomiya Mykhaylyshyn

Ever since COVID-19 started, online learning has been the main way to continue learning, yet with it came a lot of ups and downs, as well as pros and cons. 

According to the Manville Staff, they communicated the following pros: being able to get stuff done at home, being able to continue education, accessibility of time and place, affordability, and better attendance due to not being tardy.

Starting with the first pro, when teachers and/or students have free time, they are able to get things done at home. For example, clean the house, do laundry, make lunch, etc. To continue with the second idea, being able to continue education, even though COVID-19 affected a lot of people, and education isn’t the same anymore, we are still able to continue education since we are fortunate enough to have the technology available. The next two discuss the accessibility of time and place, meaning the students are able to log into zoom wherever they want, and they are able to manage their time more efficiently. Next, affordability, due to the fact that the students don’t have to spend money on school lunch, car gas, trends, etc., the students are able to save money. Finally, with online learning there seems to potentially have better attendance due to the fact that the students can just log on, even if they aren’t feeling well. It is still easier to go to school virtually than in person if you aren’t feeling well. 

To continue with some of the cons, after communicating with the Manville Staff, some cons of online learning are miscommunication, not being able to focus, technology issues, sense of isolation, managing screen time, and motivation.

In regards to the first con, there seemed to be a lot of miscommunication between the students and teachers making it hard to be able to work efficiently. To continue with the second one, students find it extremely difficult to focus at home due to the fact that they have all the freedom to be able to do whatever they want behind the screen. Next, due to the fact that some people have inadequate Wi-Fi, it is difficult to get work done not only for the students, but also for the teachers too especially if multiple people are utilizing the Wi-Fi. To continue, when staying home all day it gives students that sense of isolation which worsens their mental health by not being able to socialize. To add on, screen time already seems to be a huge issue for students on a daily basis and sitting in front of a computer for seven hours everyday makes it even worse for them. A high screen time can cause sleep deprivation, physical strain to eyes and body, and other harmful issues. Finally, it is extremely difficult to stay motivated at home due to the fact the students seem to be more tired and miserable at home. Especially when there are other people in the house it is significantly harder to be able to stay focused and motivated when they have the ability to do other things and talk to other people.

In conclusion, even though virtual learning comes with many pros and cons, the Manville Staff seems to be very optimistic with the fact that we are still able to continue to keep learning!