Could this be one of the Worst snow storms in New Jersey?


Georgiana Pulley

Manville had almost 3 feet of snow. As you drive around the town, there are mountains of snow from where people shoveled out their cars and their driveways. The snow has caused a mess. Weather dropped significantly and the snow became ice. Then the ice became black ice which cars were slipping on. Civilians in Manville couldn’t get to work or school, etc. 

Although the adults were not too thrilled about the snow, the kids were amazed. The kids got to play outside and build snowmen. The children even helped their parents shovel because they were so excited to be in the snow. On Social Media, we have seen many videos of the pets of Manville running around in the snow and enjoying it. The snowstorm that took place definitely left a lasting impression on people.

February 1st, 2021 Manville NJ got 2 feet of snow. Days after that, Manville, NJ kept getting more and more snow. February 18th, Manville got 8.3 inches of snow according to All of this snow just kept building and building up. The weather wasn’t getting warmer so none of the snow was melting. Soon enough it got warmer and the snow melted away. The last bad snowstorm NJ had was in 2016 when Jonas (the winter storm) poured 30 inches of snow all over. Luckily, Manville recovered fast from all the snow!