Drama Clubs Routine


Clare Reilly

On February 10th, Manville High School’s Drama club had their first practice. The musical that the club is performing is High School Musical, a 2006 movie where the main character, Gabriella Montez falls in love with a basketball star Troy Bolton. The classic movie was about the students discovering themselves and finding confidence in what they do. Manville’s version stars Krystal Patanella and Anthony Yakobchuck as Troy and Gabriella. The performance date will be the 29th and the 30th of April, and the 1st of May.
There are 3 practice days each week and the club has been learning and practicing the songs and dances. The cast and teachers wear masks and make sure they social distance, it does make projecting their voices hard, but they continue to practice all the harmonies and different parts. Manville’s Drama club and cast are working hard and are thrilled to finally perform for the school and parents.
The full cast is listed below:
Troy Bolton- Anthony Yakobchuck
Chad Danforth- Jacob Reilly
Zeke Baylor- Kyle Sibaja
Sharpay Evans- Cami Toth
Ryan Evans- Conor Johnston
Gabriella Montez- Krystal Patanella
Taylor Mckessie- Sania Harrison
Jack Scott- Colin Weber
Kelsi Nielsen- Chloe Gosk
Ms. Darbus- Megan Shimp
Coach Bolton- Brandon Alverado
Martha Cox- Sarah Colucci
Jason- Kenny Ashford-Afful
Ms. Tenny- Marissa Hash
Understudy- Juliana Buccerio
James- Justin Chey
Susan/ Kratnoff- Alexa Pagan
Cathy- Clare Reilly
Cyndra- Bianca Morales
Ripper- Juliana Buccerio
Mongo- Madison May
Moderator- Fatima Morales
Rebeca Priego
Sofia Antonelli
Kat Saburova
Xiomara Ramirez
Kamryn Conover
Anna Kontos
Ella Mazzariello
Sophia Starzynski
Kenny Ashford-afful
Matt G