A Harsh Reality


Elijah Lallkissoon

President Joe Biden was inaugurated the 20th of January with promises of a 100 day mask mandate, to expand and build upon ACA, and reversing some of Trump’s tax cuts. He also talked stimulus checks and other issues regarding COVID-19. While President Joe Biden has already started to work on his promises, already finalizing a few, the United States citizens who voted blue started to feel hopeful for change, until the US political climate took a sharp turn on February 15, 2021, after Biden issues an angering and seemingly irrational attack.
An unspoken tradition for a new President to “get his wings,” is sending an attack on another country. This could be seen during the Trump Administration, when Donald Trump attacked the Middle East in April of 2017. Many citizens had gushed that ‘Donald Trump became President today,’ recognizing that one isn’t a US president without unprecedented attacks. Joe Biden also followed with this idea, and had sent seven 500-pound bombs to an Iranian Backed-Militia in Syria, with the message, “You can’t act with impunity, be careful.”
While many agree with his message, a lot of people say the bombing was too harsh of a warning especially since at least twenty-two people were recorded dead, and nine building said to be damaged; it is considered a devastating loss of life, but compared to previous attacks against the middle east, it is safe to say that more damage could have been done. The bombing was in response to the very recent rocket attacks on U.S. forces in northern Iraq; but many have been quick to comment that this attack happened a year after Iraq’s parliament voted to expel the U.S. troops, an order ignored by the Trump Administration as well as the Biden Administration. Some are saying the attack against the US troops had been warranted, as they held the territory illegally. The United States is not unfamiliar with breaking the law, as Ro Khanna, a California Congressman pointed out that the US has zero authorization to invade Syria or attack Iran.
This attack could set back Joe Biden’s presidency due to the legality issues as well as the newly-formed rift between him and his supporters who had faith he would not fall into the same old presidential pattern. Citizens fear that this act could be the first of many to fall into the same destructive patterns of the US, and could continue to weaken the country, stopping other countries from allying with the US. Biden had been talking with the King of Saudi Arabia the morning of the attack, a known enemy of Iraq who could establish a stronger relationship with the US, and in turn those allied with the Saudi Arabia.
It is important to mention that the majority of democrats and liberals believe this attack was to show the strength of America and that Biden is just as fierce as his predecessors but many left-winged news reporters believe he looks weak, and ironically empirical, considering his message to Iraq. If Biden decides to run for a second term, his actions may lose his voters, as citizens are already nervous of his rash decisions.
Although with a lot of the country speaking out against Biden’s harsh decisions, there are also a lot who agree with Biden’s actions, for an example Tom Cotton, a U.S. Senator backs Biden, “My position on confronting Iran and retaliating when they attack Americans has been consistent through the presidencies of Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and now Joe Biden. Iran-controlled militias have repeatedly launched rocket attacks against American positions in Iraq over the last few weeks, and it was vital that we retaliate,” is a direct quote from Cotton himself. Some republicans, specifically those allying with Trump were critical of Biden, much like those supporting Biden, but with the idea it would create an endless war. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia claims that Joe Biden immediately jumped right back into the Syrian War which was started by former president Barack Obama, and even said that Republicans should oppose the blood thirsty desire for endless wars.
Greene isn’t the only opposing Representative against Biden’s attack on the Middle East, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert mentions how she misses the era of peace from when Trump was president, and how it is clear by the president’s record this won’t be his last attack. While some will disagree with the Era of Peace mentioned by her, it is important to include that Biden’s term won’t exactly be peaceful if he continues like this.
Many Americans disagree with this attack, which could further strain the government from the people, even if some or many agree, it seems that the majority don’t feel safe with the President’s quick reactions. A question many citizens have is, will this be a new war in the history books, or just a one time attack by the Biden administration?