Anxiety Through a Global Pandemic: We Can Help!


Franciney Arevalo

It is no secret to society by now that the pandemic has taken a major toll on many lives this past year. The global pandemic has dramatically affected schools across the world, introducing a new type of learning. Virtual learning and zoom calls for classes, have become our new normal. With that being said, this has definitely changed the way students learn and has potentially worsened students’ mental health. With classes being online, and being stuck at home all day, students are losing their motivation and going down a rough path.

I recently interviewed Ms. Viso, the schools Student Assistant Counselor (SAC), to discuss the anxiety and stress students have to deal with related to school. Together, we came up with multiple different coping strategies for students to use while going through these hard times. Here are a few:

-Deep breathing
-Drawing and painting
-Talking to someone

Most importantly, though, it is crucial to develop a routine. In order to get students back to normal, and help those struggling find their way back, there needs to be some sort of routine. For example, waking up early, making sure to get some sunlight, going outside, eating healthy, and working out are all great things to include in your new routine. We are all going through something difficult right now, but it is important to remember that we’re in this together!