Update on Vaccinations


Joseph Bennett

COVID-19 is the breaking news on every TV news network, but how did vaccines become accessible only 6 months into the virus? Most of the time when a virus is corrupting our towns and neighbors it takes industries years to find out more about the DNA of the virus. So with COVID-19, why is the “cure” already out for the people of the United States?

When taking a flu shot, a dead part of the bacteria is in the shot but with COVID-19, since the virus itself seems to be changing and going through waves of deadly and “less deadly” phases, how do we develop a vaccine to combat that? This makes the vaccine questionable to whether it is actually working or if it is just causing unnecessary pain to people taking the shots? The CDC explains that, “….experts believe that getting a COVID-19 vaccine may also help keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get COVID-19.” This comes directly from the CDC site on how the vaccine is believed to help people from getting ill including with COVID-19.

It is also believed, if most people get the shot, then the idea of herd control is applied which can make close areas with tons of people safer. Being thoughtful and aware of the people around you can keep others and yourself safe from COVID-19. As the vaccine is looked at more and is taken by more people, there is hope that humanity can start living peaceful and less stressful lives all together.

When the vaccine first got out to the public it was going to police officers, firefighters and nurses. Which all makes sense when those are the people that need to interact with others to do their jobs effectively. Now, the vaccine is more available to the public and you can just ask your doctor where the nearest site for vaccinations are and you can potentially get vaccinated. Huge medical companies are teaming together to make the reach for vaccines as easy as possible which is a huge step for these companies. This virus can be viewed as scary, but in comparison to other viruses that have happened in our history this one really is not even close to how “deadly” other viruses have been. Taking care of the people in your household and making the public safe is what this vaccine is trying to do.