The Importance of Snow Days


Kayla Knape

The recent winter weather, specifically snow, has been piling on by the foot in Manville and in the surrounding area. Because of this inclement weather, the amount of days at home has increased greatly. With this, students, parents, and even teachers have brought up the topic of snow days and are arguing how they’re being used. 

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, online and virtual learning has become ever-present in society today. So when snow starts falling, schools are quick to cancel in-person classes and substitute them for synchronous learning. While this is efficient for education and allows the flow of class to continue from day to day, is it really the best way to use snow days, if we should call them that at all?

Ms. Stefani Levonaitis, head of Hoofprints Newspaper and an astounding English teacher at MHS, shares her concerns on the importance of “real” snow days:

I think with the pandemic, many have grown to appreciate the little things, and find excitement in different aspects of life. Before, some may have taken snow days for granted, but now it is important to stop and enjoy the frosted scenery, engage in outdoor activities like a snowball fight, or even just getting some daily exercise shoveling the driveway!”

Ms. Lev advocates and believes that students, teachers, and all other staff should continue to get to enjoy the snow day off like before virtual learning. 

Increased screen time as of late has really taken a toll on the mental and emotional well-being of school-goers and educators, so it is vital that we practice self-care and take breaks every chance we get; especially on our days off! During these days off, teachers can even create extra-credit assignments to motivate students towards getting some outdoor activities and having fun in the snow. 

Let’s make it a staple to use snow days in the most traditional way we can: get outside, throw some snowballs, or build a snowman!