MHS November Student of The Month: Chloe Gosk


It is tradition at MHS that every month, depending on athletics, academics, and overall who they are as a whole, a student is chosen as Student of The Month. For the month of November, a junior; Chloe Gosk.

After being congratulated by numerous acquaintances, she was taken aback as she read the email notifying her of her nomination. As much as she was surprised, students and staff; not so much. Chloe is known for her enrollment in numerous honors and AP classes here at MHS as well as her involvement in several clubs and organizations such as band, Drama Club, and GSA, putting her at the top of her class. She admits, “It can be challenging at times, but the work pays off.”  

When asked about her future plans, Chloe signifies that she is excited to attend college hoping to study photography, as it is a big hobby of hers. Her dream is to work on the production team for a major league sports team like the NHL or NFL.

Chloe thanks her friends, family, and staff for her nomination and for the immense support and encouragement from all.