Counseling Department Introduces Website to MHS


Kayla Knape

As online and remote learning has become the new norm for Manville High School, it seems that the mental well-being of students has become a top concern. While finding an outside source of help is likely the best option for those struggling, it goes without saying that during these times it is difficult to do so. In hopes of being the best next thing to help students overcome their obstacles, the MHS Counseling Department created a website.

From the direct perspective of Ms. Anjelica Viso, the Student Assistance Counselor at MHS, she provided some insight about the purpose of the new school-launched website. “The Counseling Department cohesively created our mission statement, that is, to promote the personal and social development of students in a safe and inclusive learning environment.” She added that the sole purpose of the website is to make sure that students and parents are aware that the counselors are available at all times, and the Counseling Department is hoping students will use the website to reach out for help during these difficult times.

Another goal, Ms. Viso voiced, is for the website to be easy to access and navigate without seeming overwhelming with information. She broke down the key components of the site, “…there are pages for each building in the district; free time fun and games, virtual zen den, counseling and substance resources, social media awareness, and family/community resources.” Specifically the website is all inclusive, because any student no matter how old, may need to reach out for help at one point or another. The page highlights coping skills and resources for “trending areas of concern” the Counseling Department has seen pre- and during remote learning. 

While the Manville Counseling Department website is a great and easy way to find resources for any current issue you’re facing, it is not the only way to contact the counselors. These include Zoom, Remind, Google Hangout, email, and calling the offices during the 7:45am-2:35pm office hours. Ms. Viso, as well as the other available counselors in Manville, are missing their students and hope that they can be of help to you during these troubling times. 


Below, information regarding the Counseling Department website is listed. 

Ms. Anjelica Viso, MA, LAC, SAC, NCC

Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)

Manville High School

1100 Brooks Blvd.

Manville, NJ 08835

Ph: (908) 231-8500, ext: 8617

Fax: (908) 231-8532

[email protected] 

Manville Counseling Department (