How To Make Money During Quarantine


Kayla Knape

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, causing a country-wide quarantine, people have unfortunately lost their jobs. Households are struggling to stay afloat after losing their main income sources. With everyone stuck at home, there must be some way to continue making money; in fact, there are tons! 

Ways to make money at home during quarantine include, but are not limited to taking online surveys, testing and observing websites, online tutoring and teaching, creating a blog, selling art or other items online, proofreading, and creating content online. 

Taking online surveys seems obvious and easy, however, there are a lot of websites and surveys to choose from. It is important to choose surveys that are 100% safe and secure. Ask friends or people you may know who have taken part in these surveys before about their experience. 

Testing websites and games online is a big help to companies and blog creators. Having someone to proofread their writing and watching out for glitches in a fun game is an important and tedious job, however, if you do a good job and use constructive criticism, and depending on how many you undertake, you can create good income on the side.

 Tutoring and teaching is always going to be a job that is needed. If you think you are well-rounded in certain skills, advertise your services! Students who are striving for good grades and parents who think their children need help in school will be eager to get your assistance. 

Selling items such as clothes you don’t wear anymore or art that you create is a great way to make money! Nowadays, it seems that everyone is thrifting and trading clothes online, and people who love looking at art, will be excited to display your art! You can bid different prices on your items, and it’s surprising to see the prices people will pay for something you created. 

Lastly, creating content online such as YouTube videos or a blog can help you, if people enjoy your content. There are so many different styles and tastes in the world, so no matter what you choose to post online, someone will love it!

No matter how you are coping with self-isolation, it is highly recommended to find a way, out of the endless possibilities, to make money at home. You may enjoy it so much that you continue to use it as a way to make money throughout your life. Stay safe!