Personal Care During Quarantine


Fatima Diarra

During the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses around the state of New Jersey, like other states, have closed their doors. With the push for social distancing, gatherings of more than 10 people in an enclosed space are discouraged. These safety measures may be doing good for the medical concern, but what about the personal hygiene concern?

Many people rely on spas, nail-, and hair salons to look their best. When salons, hair shops, and beauty parlors are closed, what are we to do? Because of the extended quarantine time and many taking up new hobbies, it would not be strange to see people taking personal care into their own hands. Though it is not the same as a professional job, caring for yourself is still possible in one’s own home. 

For nail care, getting a simple pair of nail clippers and a file will do the trick. If one wants to go further to get a coat of nail polish, they can simply buy some at a local store, order online, or scavenge the house for personal colors. If this all seems bland and not as exciting as a nail salon visit, there are no shortages of tutorials one can learn from. Many are even seeking out at-home gel polish kits and dip kits to try and emulate nail technicians. Or just good old-fashioned trial and error will get unique results.

Haircare can be a bit more involved. For those who go to the barber or salon for their regular wash and trim, investing in the necessary tools to take care of your hair will prevent damage. Getting the right products is important in hair care. Shampoo cannot replace conditioner and vice versa because they are made to do different jobs. It’s the same idea for regular scissors not replacing barber or salon scissors. Both scissors are made for different jobs, so using the right tools is another way to keep your hair damage-free. However, some stylists suggest buying a new pair of kitchen scissors and using them strictly for hair care needs. 

Spas are places of relaxation. Relieving stress through a deep-tissue massage or getting a facial to brighten up your skin, are common spa staples. There are many alternative skincare routines that can be as simple as cleansing and moisturizing, to much more complex routines that involve scrubs, creams, and facemasks. Specific spa treatments may not be available, but with a little creativity, they can be closely replicated to what you can find around the house.

Personal care is not just about maintenance, but also about expressing style. Getting a fresh trim, shave, or new do, can make anyone feel more confident. Since these small businesses are closed, getting your beard shaved or a specific haircut is not possible while everyone is being socially cautious. It is possible to take the situation into your own hands and find a tutorial on how to trim, shave, paint, or cut to have a specific style. This may turn out great or there can be room for improvement, but the biggest consultation is that no one has to know. This is a great time to be experimenting with styles and techniques while there is the time. Learning how to do hair and nails are not simple skills anyone can learn overnight. The professionals needed to go to cosmetology school or be trained. This is why they can make a business out their skills to open barbershops, salons, spas, and more. Personal care may not look the same during this time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fabulous.