MHS Spirit Week Lifts Off


Steven-Mark Datu

Manville High School is approaching Spring break, however, we can’t forget about spirit week. MHS will be continuing its tradition of having spirit week despite the prevalence of the Coronavirus pandemic. Spirit week brings unity between the classes and allows students to show their Manville pride by following a set of requirements each day of spirit week. When requirements are met, each Manville student will earn points for their respective classes. These points are then added to the sum total, the sum total is revealed during class competitions.

For Monday, April 6th, students must wear clothing that displays their Mustang pride, however, that’s not all. Normally, students would be present in school where student officers would then take count of the number of students wearing Mustang wear, however, we’re not exactly in school. Thus, MHS has adopted a temporary virtual spirit day requirement. Each student must take a selfie or picture of themselves following the spirit day requirements, then hashtag (#) it via their social media accounts. For Mustang Pride Monday, students are to hashtag #MustangPrideMonday and #MustangPrideMonday with the addition of their class graduation year at the end (ex. #MustangPrideMonday2020 for seniors).

This same format will follow each spirit day within the week, Tuesday, April 7th, will be Tie-Dye Tuesday. Students must wear tie-dye clothing and hashtag it via their social media accounts in order for their class to earn class points. Wednesday, April 8th, will be Workout Wednesday, wherein students must either take a picture and/or video of themselves working out for class points. Finally, Thursday, April 9th, will be Class-Colors Thursday. Arguably one of the most important days of spirit week for students, each student must wear the color that corresponds with the graduating class they’re in (seniors = blue, juniors = yellow, sophomores = green, and freshman = red). 

It is absolutely vital for students to participate in spirit week. Other than earning class points, this will show how close and united MHS students are despite the physical distance separating each other. Although this is an unprecedented virtual spirit week, it is important that all of MHS make the most of it as there may never be circumstances like this that will lead to another virtual spirit week. Putting it in simpler terms, another virtual week is highly unlikely to occur in our remaining year(s) in MHS, so let’s make the most of it. 


In accordance with MHS tradition, this spirit week, as aforementioned, is occurring before Spring break. According to the district announcements, MHS students and staff alike were reported to return to the actual MHS building on April 20th, 2020. This remains uncertain as the Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world, however, we can only hope and do our best as a community to measure up and take a prideful stand. These MHS virtual spirit days will test not only the vigor of MHS students but their willingness to participate in a totally different school environment.