Bob Ross Night


Fatima Diarra

Picture yourself in an art room, inspiration flowing, with all the materials and tools you could ever need. You have an idea, an image that you want to turn into reality, but you don’t think you can because your missing the crucial talent to create. Bob Ross, through a show that lasted from 1983 to 1994, taught people how to use art materials and make their own masterpieces. This was all marketed to everyday people who didn’t think they had the talent, but through Bob Ross’ step-by-step instruction he proved them wrong.

Bob Ross Night, held at the Manville High School, was hosted by the Art Club. An episode of The Joy of Painting program was projected and everyone followed along to the simple instructions. Since everyone was watching the same episode, you would think that all the finished paintings would look the same, but Bob Ross and the Art Club members encouraged creative freedom for all the artists there. Paints, brushes, smocks, and snacks were provided and the end result was beautiful landscapes that were unique in their own way. While the program was playing Art Club members traveled around the Cafeteria giving advice, helping artists, and restocking paint pallets. At the end, everyone was able to take their creations home with them and also buy small Art Club pieces being sold by the door. Bob Ross night truly brought out the inner artist in everyone there.