December Staff Member of Month: Mrs. Angele Palmer


Marvin Valverde

Every month, there is a staff member elected for their dedication and effort they put in to our community. This month the staff member chosen was Mrs.Palmer. Mrs. Palmer is the nurse at MHS and has been working at this school for 15 years. She provides health care and safety measures so that students can achieve success in their academics. 

She participates in MHS not only as the nurse position, but she is also involved with many other aspects such as, chaperoning student events, and in the past, participating in faculty football and basketball fundraisers. Her favorite memory was when she participated in the school play, Bye Bye Birdie with other faculty members. 

Mrs. Palmer’s efforts to keep the school running do not go unnoticed between the constant cycle of students through her office, the extensive sports physicals process, yet being a nurse at MHS remains in her future, but she also hopes to take a balloon ride!
Thank you for all that you do, Mrs. Palmer. Congratulations!