Author Hilary Reyl to Come to MHS


Michelle Romero

Author Hilary Reyl has a PhD in French Literature and a concentration in the nineteenth century from NYU. She also studied and worked in France for several years. She has recently written a book called “Kids like Us” which takes place in France, where her main character Martin ends up moving while his mother is directing a movie in a rural french town.

Martin was diagnosed with autism at a young age and is now having to go to a new school. From going from a school in LA to a new school in France worries him. As Martin starts school he begins to make friends and even falls in love, however he realizes his supposed friends and beloved may be in it for the fame his family has endured rather than Martins genuine self.

On Monday, March 2nd at 2:45 PM, Mrs. Hilary Reyl will be here at MHS for a book talk featuring a Q & A session. Potentially discussed topics can include the writing process, creative inspiration and getting published at the Manville High School Media Center. Be sure to come check out all the excitement and get some knowledge from a published writer! There will be snacks!