The “Pièce de Résistance” of a World Language Student


Steven-Mark Datu

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, the World Language Honor Society (W.L.H.S.) induction ceremony for Manville High School took place within MHS’s cafeteria. Inside the cafeteria, a multitude of family members, staff, etc., attended to congratulate the students who were being inducted into the W.L.H.S. 

The W.L.H.S. honors students have exhibited a high level of understanding within a foreign language. Through hard work and dedication, each student within the W.L.H.S. can continue forward knowing full well that their work has paid off. 

The W.L.H.S. for Manville High School has been broken up into three different sections. Relative to the languages taught at Manville High School, there is a French Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and a Slav (Russian) Honor Society. During the induction ceremony, the teachers of each language spoke in-depth about the significance of the event. Stating how well their students are, the history of each society, and the end-goal of the class, each teacher presented wonderful speeches that touched the audience with pristine grace, honor, and kindness. 

There were varying amounts of students in each language honor society, the Slav Honor Society had three members, the French Honor Society had a total of eight members, and the Spanish Honor Society had more than twenty students joining the society. Each student was given a certificate from their corresponding teacher and lit a candle in honor of their language. After reciting a speech and/or phrase, the students blew out their candles and the ceremony came to an end. 

At the conclusion of the ceremony, all of the students present grouped together to take a group photo in commemoration of the event. Cake was offered to the friends and families present, and Principal Hemberger closed the ceremony off with high remarks about the people present. The overall ceremony was joyous to the very end, with this, each student now has a revitalized sense of determination to continue their language journeys in order to end the school year well.