Top 10 Best Sitcoms

Michelle Cordero

With or without the laugh track, there is an abundance of sitcoms we all go to when we need a good laugh. Sarcasm and mediocre (but still good) jokes is what make sitcoms so special. Here is a list of the top 10 best sitcoms that you will keep repeating over and over again.

Friends: What is a list of the best sitcoms without the most streamed sitcom of all time?  Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey and Chandler take over their beloved coffee shop; Central Perk and New York making the most out of their hilarious -once in a lifetime- experiences and adventures in a journey of teaching, learning, sharing, giving and receiving that will bring you tears, laughs and more.

“Welcome to the real world, it sucks, you’re gonna love it!” – Monica

That 70’s Show: Eric Forman and his gang -Donna, Kelso, Hyde, Fez and Jackie- navigate life together. But being in high school, with your life ahead of you and not knowing what you actually want to do with that life, can be extremely overwhelming. However there is nothing Eric, his gang (and sometimes his parents) can’t let go without making traumatic life changes that everybody has to make, hilarious.

“Look, if I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would.” -Jackie

One Day At A Time (2017): Penelope, a single mother who is also an ex veteran has to face life with everything she’s got. But being a woman, and a minority will not get easier anytime soon. However, she has a family that always helps her with everything she needs. Her mom Lydia, her two teenangers Alex and Elena and her best friend (even though she won’t admit it) the privilege building owner Schneider, and the Doctor she works for, show Penelope there is nothing they can’t do.

“This funeral is like The Walking Dead of tias”-Alex

Grace and Frankie: Life is going great for Grace and Frankie, they are in their 70’s, have both loving and loyal husbands-(as far as they know)- and have accomplished a life full of experiences. But everything takes a turn when one afternoon; their husbands invite them to dinner and drop a bomb that will impact the rest of their lives; they have been having an affair for over 20 years. With each other. They’re also going to be leaving them to get married. Now, a heartbroken Frankie and with Grace’s ego hurt,they take over their beach house and begin this journey full of experiences  after they thought they had experienced it all.

“I gained another pound today, but I think it’s a pound of knowledge” -Frankie

New Girl: When Jess discovers her boyfriend cheating on her, she goes hunting for roommates as fast as she can. She finds Nick, a thirty year old man with anger management issues, Schmidt a ladies man who is a neat freak and Coach (Yes, that’s right, they call him Coach), whose life depends on basketball and women. Soon, Jess decides to move in with the three, to start a hilarious journey of friendship and laughter.

“The economy stinks, bees are dying and movies are pretty much all sequels now.” – Schmidt

The Good Place: When Eleanor Shellstrop arrives in the good place -(heaven)- she realizes she has been mistaken with another Eleanor Shellstrop;mainly because she was a terrible person on earth. Now with the help of her soulmate Chidi, who just so happens to be a moral and philosophy professor, Eleanor must try to become a better person in order to truly earn her place in heaven.

“Ya basic. And that’s okay.”-Eleanor

Brooklyn 99: In the Brooklyn 99 precinct nothing’s normal. Especially the cops. First, we have a childish and somewhat incredible detective Jake Peralta, the hard working Charles Boyle, the reckless Rosa Diaz, the stubborn detective Amy Santiago, the oblivious Gina, the emotionless Captain Holt and the sensitive Terry, fighting crime in New York. However, even when it gets difficult they will always make sure to keep the streets of their beloved city safe.

“If I die, turn my tweets into a book.”-Gina

Parks and Rec: Leslie Knope works for the Indiana Parks and Recreation department. In attempts to boost her career, Leslie helps a local resident Anne, whose husband had just fallen into an abandoned construction site in their neighbourhood. Now with her boss Ron who despises the government, even though he is a part of it, and her colleagues Leslie must attempt to create a park even when people, neighbours and even the government gets in her way.

“It’s like I always say. When life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma’s jewelry and go clubbing.”- Jean-Ralphio

Full House: After his wife’s death, Danny Tanner moves two friends into his house.  Jesse, his deceased wife’s brother, and Joey a stand up comedian who is also Danny’s best friend. Now Danny, Joey and Jesse must raise Danny’s three daughters-DJ, Stephanie and Michelle- and try to survive as they see the three little girls grow up and learn the many different lessons (and struggles) that their loving and caring uncle’s and father have to give them.

“You should take a drive through a car wash without your car.” -Danny

The Office: When Michael Scott and his team start reporting their everyday lives things get a little bit weird to say the least. Michael who runs this particular paper facility tends to go overboard with his terrible jokes that make the other employees uncomfortable. Then there is Pam, the receptionist who usually tolerates Michael as best as she can. Dwight who is the hardest working person in that office but lacks social skills. Jim who is a successful salesman who is also in love with Pam and Ryan who tends to handle various areas of the company.

“There’s too many people on this earth we need a new plague.”


Many of these sitcoms are available on different streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu, and many more. Or, you can catch their reruns on cable!