Top 10 Holiday Movies


Michelle Cordero

Winter break, hot chocolate, Christmas carols, songs, and movies are some of the things that make the holidays so great. Here are some Christmas movies that will bring out your holiday spirit.


The Grinch: The joy and happiness that the holidays bring to people all around the world, does not make this green colored Grinch happy; especially not if it’s the people of Whoville. Now with a plan and accompanied by his dog, the grinch decides to steal every holiday-related thing there is out there, and end this holiday once and for all.


Nightmare Before Christmas: After a successful Halloween, Jack and his crew prepare for the next one; but when the charismatic skeleton discovers christmas, he soon becomes obsessed with it and is willing to go beyond limits to bring christmas to halloweentown and the rest of the world; including kidnapping Santa Claus if his success depends on it.


Krampus: A dysfunctional family causes their younger son Max to lose his festive spirit during the holidays. As he is losing hope, he unleashes a demon from an ancient  European tale named Krampus who is known for punishing children who have misbehaved during the year. Now, with Krampus home, his mother, father and older sister must work as a team to save their family from a monstrous fate.


Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas: In this Disney channel special, the Duncans decide to go to Palm Springs to spend christmas with their grandparents. However, when trying to prove a point that she is responsible enough to go out of state alone for spring break, Teddy volunteers to go on another flight for a plane ticket to Florida as Amy her mom decides to follow her. Now with time running and three days until the next flight to Palm Springs, Teddy and Amy must figure out a way to reunite with the rest of their family for christmas.


Daddy’s Home 2: After Dusty and Brad finally figure out a way to co-parent, they decide to give the kids the nice, peaceful christmas they desperately need. However, when Dusty’s old school dad and Brad’s sweet, loving dad are put together in a winter break vacation, Christmas may not go as planned this year. Now Dusty with his new girlfriend, Brad and his wife who is also the mother of Dusty’s kids and both of their fathers, go on a trip that they will never forget.


I’ll Be Home for Christmas: Jake, a college student is persuaded into coming home for Christmas in exchange for a porsche. Now Jake, who finds himself stranded in the desert without food, money, or identification, must find a way to get home before Christmas dinner. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Allie does not know where he is and his father is waiting for him on the other side of the country.


Home Alone: When 8 year-old Kevin Mckallen acts out before a family trip to Paris, his mother leaves him to sleep in the attic. However, when caught in a hurry, the family forgets Kevin home. When he realizes that he has finally gotten the time alone that he has always wanted, Kevin has the time of his life until two men plan to rob his residency. Now Kevin has to fight to save his house while his mother tries to go home to get him back as soon as possible.


The Muppet Christmas Carol: A Christmas Carol, is a tale about a man who reconnects with ghosts of Christmases past, present, and future. But when it is told by the muppets, the story may be altered a bit to fit their extravagant and joyful personalities.


Twelve Dates of Christmas: When Kate is sprayed with a mysterious perfume, she keeps repeating Christmas Eve over and over again. She gets a chance to make amends to the people in her life she has either wronged or taken for granted, and give to the people that she meets along the way the best Christmas they could possibly imagine.


It’s a Wonderful Life: As christmas time arrives, George’s abundance of problems seem to be getting worse by the minute and he decides to end his life. While he attempts to jump off a bridge, his angel guardian Clarence interferes and shows him how his town and surroundings would have been different if he hadn’t existed.


That’s it! Those are the top 10 movies to watch over the holidays. Remember to spread love, and reunite with with your loved ones over the holidays.