How Technology Affects Sleep and Work Ethic


Kayla Knape

We, as a society, use technology in our everyday, and every night, lives. As a result, using technology too much can cause drastic changes in our sleeping habits and work ethic. A survey within Manville High School was conducted to show how much time is spent using cell phones specifically. The survey was comprised of two groups of teenagers; one group of twenty-four teens aged 14-16 and the second group of twenty-three teens and one adult aged 17-24.

The younger group averaged a cell phone use of 7 hours a day, and they all said that they stay up late at night using their cell phones. The older group averaged cell phone use of only 4 hours a day, and they do not stay up late. Almost every student who participated in the survey, and said that they stay up late using cell phones, stated that their technology use has a negative effect on their sleep schedule.

In return, the work ethic of teens has been compromised due to teens losing sleep, causing lack of concentration. This fact, along with the recorded data, proves that technology can have a negative effect on sleep and work ethic, especially for students.