Exotic Languages


Staff Writer

You’ve heard of the most commonly acknowledged languages around the world like Spanish, English, Chinese, French, and plenty more. However, have you ever had the thought of the languages that are out there and getting used present time that we tend to not apprehend of? There are many unknown languages that are not widely known!

There is a language out there that’s referred to as “The Chalcatongo Mixtec.” It is spoken by over 6,000 citizens in Oaxaca North American nation. This language, like many has very unique attributes. According to Stanford- trained linguist, Tyler Schnoebelen, there is no way of asking the question, “Is this weird?” It will solely be said as a statement, “This is weird.”

Another language that exists is named “Bird language.” The name derives simply from what you most likely would’ve guessed; it sounds similar to a bird! This language is spoken in a very tiny village in Turkey. This language was originally used by Turkish farmers to speak over massive distances. Bird language is unfortunately all the way down to extinction from the use of cellphones.

Lastly, a language named Archi is spoken by over 900 people in 8 villages near the Risor river in Russia. A verb can have 1.5 million conjunctions. For example, “swim, he swims, they swim,” you can change the tense into “I sawm, I will swim, I would have been swimming,” which really does complicate things. Have you ever thought about learning a language, such as Spanish, Italian, or even the Bird language?