Class Shirts That Make A Statement


Kayla Knape

Last week, an array of shirts were introduced to Manville High School students, displaying a new design for the 2019-2020 school year, to indicate the four grade levels. The Freshmen shirts are red with the silhouette of a mustang and Manville High School Class of 2023 embroidered on the front. The Sophomore class made a choice to stand out this year. Their shirts are tie-dyed neon green and bright yellow. The back of the shirt displays the name of the student’s choice and the number 22 to represent their graduation year. Between the two underclassmen grade levels, it seemed as if some were unhappy with the designs given at first, but have learned to accept and be proud of their shirts. The Junior class has black long sleeve shirts, with a small design in yellow lettering, displaying Junior Class of 2021 on the front, and the student’s name of their choice on the back. Lastly, the Seniors have their iconic blue jerseys displaying their name of choice and their graduation year, 2020. The upperclassmen tend to have more widely-accepted designs, as rightfully so. Overall, the students at MHS are now prepared to proudly show their grade level at class competitions, and hold onto these shirts as a memory of their high school career.