Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day

Pedro Cordova Martinez

Veterans Day is a celebration that takes place in the United States. It is a federal holiday that is celebrated every November 11th and is the date on which the nation honors the veterans of the United States for their patriotism, love, the homeland and the will to sacrifice for the country.

This commemoration of Veterans Day has been held since 1919 when President elect Woodrow Wilson decided to remember and commemorate the armistice that took place the same day a year earlier, and which symbolically ended the First World War.

Although World War I was the war to end wars,  this hope collapsed with the outbreak of World War II in 1941 in which more than 16 million Americans participated. To pay tribute to those 16 million Americans who served the country in any of its wars, we honor on this holiday. The holiday that had until then been called Armistice Day, was designated in the year 1954 by Congress and President Dwight Eisenhower (1953-1961) as the “Day of the Veterans.”

“Let us dedicate ourselves to the task of promoting lasting peace so that all your efforts are not in vain,” President Eisenhower wrote in his proclamation of the first Veterans Day.

Also, every November 11th throughout the country there are parades, ceremonies and tributes held in honor of those who served and serve in the US Armed Forces. Many people visit cemeteries to leave flowers to those who gave their lives for their homeland, as well as political speeches are also of great importance in all states of the country. For those who are preparing to be part of the military service,  they are given the opportunity to learn more about the subject through talks with veterans.

The central commemorations are held around the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery on the outskirts of Washington. According to tradition, a combined guard representing all the services of the Armed Forces, perform the “presentation of weapons” in front of the grave.

During the event, a bugle performs to honor the fallen in military burials in the United States. They also created Monuments dedicated to veterans and fallen soldiers. 

Arlington Cemetery is a symbol for this holiday, since in that place, in 1958, two Americans were killed in war and unidentified, one from World War II and another from the Korean War. 

In conclusion, Veterans Day was created based on world wars which millions of brave and bold soldiers were in defense of their homeland and in which many lost their lives on the battlefield fighting for the welfare of the American country and all its people. People form marches in memory of all the people who died and bring floral arrangements to their graves in honor of their work.