The End of the Finale Star Wars Movie, Starts the Very Beginning


Sha'Quana Kelly

The finale of the Star Wars movies, the “Rise of Skywalker” is upon us. The movie will premier on December 20, 2019. With this series coming to an end, many may want to take a look at how it started. Surprisingly, the Star Wars films do have roots found in history. The Pacific Council on international policy explained, “Star Wars itself entered the realm of Cold War history after it was adopted by the media in the 1980’s as a nickname for President Ronald Reagan’s proposed Strategic Defense Initiative, which would have used lasers to defend the United States against incoming nuclear missiles.”

On google, people asked why is it called the “Rise of the Skywalker?” Vulture repiled, “It turns out to be the prehistoric Star Wars galaxy, where they become enslaved, discover the Force, and lead an uprising where one of them becomes the first Jedi. That guy (spoiler alert) dies and is posthumously referred to as “the Skywalker” because he was able to levitate.” 

After years of movies, Lucasfilm has announced the end of the Star Wars trilogy. Many fans are saddened that this impactful series has concluded, however the characters created will live on!