September Staff Member of the Month: Mr. McCarrick


Victoria Sobkowicz

Rick McCarrick, a devoted history teacher, human behavior educator, cross country coach, and a US lacrosse official has all the traits a teacher should possess to be deemed staff member of the month for September. This teacher of the month goes beyond his duties as an educator to ensure his students are actively paying attention and learning. Mr. McCarrick says his favorite part of teaching is seeing his students becoming successful. He’s constantly getting all his students involved in class with his outgoing personality and the props he holds in his closet.

Mr.McCarrick teaches diverse concepts that his students thought they already knew, opening their minds to a whole new perception. Unquestionably, Mr.McCarrick is very real with his students, offering a comfortable learning environment in his classroom where they are able to efficiently learn while having fun.  Because he relates his lessons to the current world, as well as incorporating his own experiences, students are able to better relate and comprehend the material.

In the future, McCarrick has been looking forward to, and has been accepted to referee the men’s lacrosse World Championship, taking place in Ireland. Exceeding the expectations of a high school teacher, Mr. McCarrick has done a superior job in educating his students in the Manville High School and continues to be a fundamental staff member.