Vaping in Schools


Dylan Lordi

Almost everyday, we can assume that there is a kid in the bathroom or locker room puffing on a vape. Most schools do not catch students when it comes to this because the students can easily sneak vapes in unnoticed. Some schools are trying to control this outbreak by putting special vaporized detectors in the bathroom that will send an alert that there is a vapor in the bathroom. Such precautions being in place still doesn’t make it clear to the students that it is dangerous.

Students continue to do the act of vaping in school, even after being caught. Principals try and get the kids to stop, whether that is through detention or out of school suspension, but some students are still not understanding the consequences.

In the beginning of the 2019 Manville High School year, the guidance counselors put together a presentation on what vaping does to your health, where to get help, who to talk too, and the consequences that come along if you get caught. In addition to the students becoming knowledgeable on the topic, actions that schools should take is to put more money into security, including metal detectors at the entrances or randomized backpack checks. The main reason why this is such an important topic is because of the student’s health. Overuse of vape can cause kids to have seizures or they can become very ill with different lung and heart diseases. A change must start somewhere, whether that is from the students finding help and stopping the vaping themselves or through others that really want to see a change. If this continues, we could see privileges being taken away, deaths at a young age, and maybe worse. But the question is, when and who is going to start and make a difference.×588.png