Get To Know Manville’s Quarterback: John Sharbaugh


Nasir Peek

Throughout the years, Manville has a had a generation of talent at the QB position from Jeremy Nurnberger, to Shane Demeter, and now John Sharbaugh is up in the spotlight. John Sharbaugh, in the 2019 football season, has thrown for 725 yards, ran for 203 yards, and has been phenomenal on defense eating up a total of 45 tackles and 1 interception. 

In an interview, John Sharbaugh talked about his main strengths. John stated, “I think my main strength is my versatility. I have an okay throwing arm, but I trust the receivers to make the play even if I’m not right on the money with it. I also have the ability to run, extending plays when the defense applies more pressure.” The Mustang’s 3 game winning streak has led them to being 3-5 to finish the season with only 2 more games left.

John Sharbaugh has been playing Varsity football ever since he was a freshman and through the years he has been very successful at his position. However, his goals are quite different from the other successful Quarterbacks that have played on the next level coming out of Manville.  “After high school, I don’t plan on playing football. That’s why I am trying to make the most of my senior season. I am working as hard as I can every day. I want to finish my career the best way possible.” Sharbaugh has brought a lot of attention to MHS. He was nominated as Homecoming King and was nominated for NJ Mid-State division player of the week. Although he may not play college ball on the next level, he has been a great leader to his teammates and his legacy shall live on through this program.