Brandon Garcia; Athlete of the Month for September

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Brandon Garcia; Athlete of the Month for September

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The soccer team’s notable wins this season is not the only impressive contribution they are making to MHS. Brandon Garcia has been named Athlete of the Month for September. Currently, he has 2 goals and 8 assists for his junior year season. 

His dedication to the sport makes him stand out from many. He not only works hard during the season, but also in the off season. He expressed that this hard work isn’t only to benefit him, but for the whole team as well. 

Brandon voiced that he “was very honored and overwhelmed when I was informed about the news.” This humbling dedication from Brandon contributes to his receiving Athlete of the Month. 

Brandon has been playing soccer for years. He conveyed that his favorite memory associated with soccer was “When we scored the winning goal to qualify to the semifinals in states in 2018. I remember that moment like it was yesterday.” The soccer team has not had this much success in about a decade; the team is currently playing in the first round of states. 

Brandon hopes to continue his passion for soccer as well. “I would love to keep playing this sport that I love and get somewhere big and make my name go around. Or if not, I would like to be a computer scientist.”

Brandon has big plans for the future. He advises that, “No matter what you do , if it’s sports or academics. Work hard for it and dedicate yourself, it will pay off and you will notice the good results you get in return.”

Congratulations to Brandon Garcia for being selected as September’s Athlete of the Month!